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Do you want to learn about Managing a Hotel or a Resort?

Hotel Industry is a lucrative Business - not only for the Hotel Owners but also for the Professionals working in the Industry. It gives one the opportunity to Travel and experience different Countries (I myself Worked in Hotels and Resorts in 11 different Countries) and meet people (Celebrities,Business Tycoons and Many more) from different walks of life, not to mention the Financial Rewards and the lifestyle associated with the Hotel Industry ( Tax Free Salary in Many Countries, Free Luxury Accomodation,Free Food and Drinks, Yearly Free return Fare to Point of Hire, Insurance +++) - One with the right attitude does not feel that they are working but feel that they are themseveles on Holiday - Free Holiday.

Hotel Industry not only includes Hotels but also Resorts, Motels. Inns, Bars , Restaurants,Theme Parks, Casinos, Cruise Ships, Industrial and Institutional Catering and Many more.

Complete Hotel Management Pack is your Complete solution for all your Hotel needs for both the unexperienced and the experienced Hotel Professionals - from Hotel Construction and Building a Hotel (Download Introduction To Building a Hotel)to Successfully Managing a Hotel (Download Introduction To Managing a Hotel and covers information on every Department of a Hotel (Download Introduction To Food and Beverage Department .

Are you looking for Tools and Presentations to Train your Hotel Staff or Hotel School Students?

As a Manager working in a Hotel do you have to spend a lot of time before Computer to perform Hotel Management Functions like Costing, Pricing, Budgeting, Scheduling, Ordering, Payroll and Hotel Monthly Management Reports etc and wish you could spend less time doing that and instead spend more time being hands on in Operations and interact with Guests?

Do you wish to learn about Operations and Management of all the Departments in a Hotel (Front Office, House Keeping, Food and Beverage, Kitchen, Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Training, Purchase, Stores, Engineering, Hotel Security and Loss Prevention)?

Are you sometimes stuck with some complicated Hotel Management Calculations and wished you had more access and knowledge to understand Hotel Management Functions and Reports?

Are you looking for Programs, Tools and Software to automate and speedup your Operations and to give you accurate and quick Figures and Forecasts?

Do you want to improve Guest and Service Standards in your Hotel?

Does your Hotel Practice Multi Skilling and Flat Hotel Organizational Hierarchy to reduce Cost and are you looking for tools to plan reduce your Hotel Payroll?

Are you looking for ready to use Checklists and Formats to standardize your Hotel Operations and maintain Quality Control and also help new staff to get to work right away after they join, with little or no experience?

Are you a Hotel Owner or Restaurant and Bar Owner and find yourselves sometimes in a fix by the complicated and fancy terms used by Hotel Managers/ Staff and wish you had more knowledge of Hotel Operations and Management to understand those terms?

Are you a Hotel School Student and wish you could learn the practical aspects of Managing Hotel Operations quickly and start working, than spend many long years studying Hotel Management.

Well, then you are at the right place, Our New Addition  :
Hotel Training Programme with 300 ready to use Formats, Checklists, Programs, Software, Tools and Training Presentations to meet all your Hotel, Resort, Restaurant and Bar Operationsl, Training and Management needs at affordable Pricing.

It is compiled after an extensive Research and after my Hotel and Resort Work Experience in 11 different Countries all around the World, in various Hotel and Resort Operations ranging from Business, Leisure and All Inclusive Hotels and Resorts to Luxury and Budget Properties - both Small and Large.

All the information is ready to use and straight, without beating about the bush.

This program eliminates the need to spend a lot of time looking for information and Read many Reference Books to Manage Hotel Operations.

To Hotel School students it is like Hotel Education and Learning made easy by presenting the picture from a practical point of view and to learn about Hotel Operations in a shorter time frame.

These Hotel and Resort Consultancy Tools would readily help a novice to the Hotel Industry to have an idea of Hotel Operations easily.

It can be used by anybody including Hotel Owners, Hotel Managers, Hotel Department Heads, Hotel Trainers, Supervisors, Line Staff, Hotel School Students, Consultants and just anybody interested to learn about hotel operations.

This Pack is for all those who want to make a Career in the Hotel industry and to those who want to Switch their Career to Hotel Industry from other Industries.This Pack is also for those Investors who want to Build and Own their own Hotel, Bar or Restaurant - Big or Small. These Pack will be of great use to Consultants who want to do Hotel Consulting and Hotel Training Consulting .Students of other streams who want to make a Career in the Hotel Industry will find it very useful.Professionals like Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Marketing Professionals, Human Resources Professionals and others who want to pursue their Career in the Hotel Industry will find this Pack very useful. Last but not the least this Pack is also for the Professionals and Students who are already in the Hotel Industry and would like to know the Management and Practical aspects of Hotel Industry appliacable Worldwide.

This Programme is divided in to 3 Modules:

Module One is in Word Format. Module Two is in Excel Format. Module Three is in Power Point Format.

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